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Flutters Photo contest - 2016
Winners will receive ₹10,000 and runners up will receive ₹5,000
All entry photos will be available on this website soon.



Suraj P. Singh
Title: Interspecies mating

Red Pierrot (Talicada nyseus Guerin, 1843) and Plains Cupid (Chilades pandava Horsfield, 1829)
Location: Malabar Hill, Mumbai
Country: India
Date: February/29/2016
Photographed By: Suraj P. Singh
Description: The Plains Cupid was hovering around the Red Pierrot for a long time and suddenly I was surprised to see them mating.The photograph is straight out of camera with no cropping.
Tags: flutterscontest2016, rare, interspecies, mating, Chilades, Euchrysops, nyseus, pandava

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First Runner-up

Dr. Prashanth Bhat
Title: Cannibalism

Cannibalism in Caterpillars of Common Hedge Blue, eating their own kind.
Common Name: Common Hedge Blue
Scientific Name: Acytolepis puspa Horsfield, 1828
Location: JP Nagar Reserve forest, Bangalore
Country: India
Date: January/10/2016
Photographed By: Dr. Prashanth Bhat
Description: During January 2016, There was an outbreak of Common Hedge blues at JP Nagar reserve forest area. They breed on Shorea roxburghii leaves. When there was shortage of tender leaves, the cannibalism of caterpillars was observed.
Tags: flutterscontest2016, cannibalism, Acytolepis, puspa

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Second Runner-up

Amit Kumer Neogi
Title: Rare intermediate form

Common Name: Great Mormon
Scientific Name: Papilio memnon Linnaeus, 1758
Place: Bird campus, Comilla
Country: Bangladesh
Date: May/30/2014
Photographed By: Amit Kumer Neogi
Description: This female is not a specific form. It is actually an intermediate variation between several forms. I`m lucky to get this rare form of P. menon mimicry.
Tags: flutterscontest2016, female, Mimicry, up, Papilio, memnon

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Special Mention
- Entries that came close but did not make it in top 3

Tahsinur Rahman Shihan, Rekha Shahane, Sanjeev Shevade, Saurabh Sawant, Vinay P. K. Krishna, Achintya Shankar Adhikari




Prakash Loganathan
Title: Endemic Common Fritillary subspecies ( Argynnis hyperbius hybrida Evans, 1912 )

Common Name : Indian Fritillary
Scientific Name: Argynnis hyperbius hybrida Evans, 1912
Location: Ooty, Nilgiris District, Tamilnadu
Country: India
Date: March/04/2016
Description: This subspecies is endemic to Tamil Nadu state. This is my first capture of this butterfly. On March/04/2016 when I was returning, after a wildlife census work, from the field to camp. On the way I used to capture the birds and butterflies I seen there, unexpectedly I saw this butterfly was sitting in a plant, which looked very colourful and different. I have not seen this butterfly anywhere even in the social media before that, I was very excited on watching this butterfly. I was doubtful whether I can take a photo of the same as my camera is not so much equipped. Its only a bridge camera and takes sometime to focus the subject, but to my good luck, the butterfly is not disturbed by my presence there and was cutely giving pose to me. I took 3 snaps of the butterfly to my satisfaction and watched the butterfly till it flying far away after giving me the pleasure of watching and capturing its image. It was a wonderful memory on that wildlife census trip. At this juncture, I thank Mr. Appavu Pavendan for helping me to identify the species.
Tags: flutterscontest2016, endemic, Argynnis, hyperbius, hybrida

Winner - Endemism section

First Runner-up

Dr. Prashanth Bhat
Title: Mating Nilgiri Tits ( Hypolycaena nilgirica Moore, 1883 )

Common Name: Nilgiri tit
Scientific Name: Hypolycaena nilgirica Moore, 1883
Location: Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki District, Kerala Country: India
Date: September/26/2015
Description: This species is endemic to Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu states.We were on a survey of butterflies of Chinnar WLS on a hot morning. Found a Nilgiri tit disturbed by another individual. Soon they started mating. Suddenly a third individual, a male, came and tried to mate with the mating couple.
Tags: flutterscontest2016, Hypolycaena, nilgirica

First Runner - Endemism section

Second Runner-up

Abhijna Shreenidhi
Title: Endemic Andaman butterfly, Andaman Viscount ( Tanaecia cibaritis Hewitson, 1874 )

Common Name: Andaman Viscount
Scientific Name: Tanaecia cibaritis Hewitson, 1874
Location: Diglipur, North Andamans
Country: India
Date: May/01/2014
Description: This species is endemic to Andaman and Nicobar islands.
Tags: flutterscontest2016, Tanaecia, cibaritis

Second Runner - Endemism section

Special Mention
- Entries that came close but did not make it in top 3

Nawangla Bhutia

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Green Oakblue -- Arhopala eumolphus Cramer, 1780
Common Name: Green Oakblue
Scientific Name: Arhopala eumolphus Cramer, 1780
Place: Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Mariani, Assam
Country: India
Date: July/20/2014
Photographed By: Ayan Chakraborty
Tags: female , UN

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