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Name: Isaac David Kehimkar

Location: Navi Mumbai, India
Education: BA (Political Science & Psychology), Fulbright Fellow
Employment: General Manager (Programmes) and Joint Editor, HORNBILL magazine, BNHS Employed with the BNHS since 1979
Interests: Nature Photography, Gardening for butterflies, Writing & Travel.
E-mail ID: isaackehimkar at gmail dot com
Phone: +91-9987449251 / +91-22-22821811



1. Common Butterflies of India 1993 ( WWF-India - Oxford University Press)

2. Moths of India - An Introduction 1997 ( NCSTC - Hornbill -BNHS)

3. Incredible Insects 2002 (CEE, Ahemdabad)

4. Common Indian Wildflowers 2001 (BNHS - Oxford University Press)

5. Book of Indian Butterflies 2008, Reprint 2010 (BNHS - Oxford University Press)

Several articles on nature in Hornbill and Sanctuary magazines.