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Name: Rajkamal Goswami

Location: Umkiang, Meghalaya & Bangalore, Karnataka

Present Position:

PhD Student,
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) Royal Enclave
Sriramapura,Jakkur Post
Bangalore 560 064, Karnataka

Research Interests:

Natural History, Population Ecology, Conservation Biology, Community Conservation

Other Interests:

Literature, History, Movies, Blogging. Click Here
Photography Click Here

E-mail ID:

+91-94351-88073, +91-96320-28069



Goswami, R, Jesudasan, A & Ganesh, T. 2012, 'People, forests and mines-Can community rights, wildlife conservation and mining coexist?'The Hindu Survey of the Environment 2012.

Goswami, R, Ganesh, T. 2011, Conservation amidst political unrest-the case of Manas National Park, India, Vol 100, No. 4 Current Science

Goswami, R, Ganesh, T. 2010, Pilgrims along animal trails-impact of religious gatherings on animal movement in Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR), Southern Western Ghats, India. Technical Report submitted to the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu, India.

Goswami, R, Ganesh, T. 2008. Monitoring of tiger and its prey in Manas national park, Final technical report, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, 625, 5th 'A' Main Road, Hebbal,Bangalore-560024,India.

Popular Publications:

Goswami, R. and Jesudasan, A. 2012, Mined to death: an elegy for the rivers of Meghalaya, Down to Earth, 1-15 Aug, 2012. Click Here

Goswami, Rajkamal, 2011, Sorimuthian Kovil - past romance and present challenges in Agasthya Vol.5, Issue 3, Click Here

Goswami, Rajkamal, 2011, Monitoring for a 'greener' forest festival in Agasthya Vol.5, Issue 2, Click Here

Goswami, Rajkamal, 2011, Ghosts of darkness in Agasthya Vol 5, Special Issue Click Here

Goswami, Rajkamal, 2008, Activism informed by sound science in Agasthya Vol.3, Issue 3; Click Here

Goswami, Rajkamal, 2008, Confluence of interests of stakeholders for clean and plastic-free KMTR in Agasthya Vol.2, Issue 3; Click Here

Goswami. Rajkamal, ATREE's anti-plastic campaign. Deccan Herald, 4 November, 2008

Goswami, Rajkamal, 2007, Tahrs in the mist in Agasthya Vol.1, Issue 2; Click Here

Goswami, Rajkamal, 2007, Behaviour and movement of the Nilgiri Langur in the Upper Kodayar Range, KMTR in Agasthya Vol.1, Issue 1; Click Here