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Name:Dr. Raju Kasambe

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Education: M.A. (Eng. Litt.), D.B.M., M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil. Ph.D. (Env. Sc.)
Employment: Project Manager, Important Bird Areas Programme, Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai
Interests: Birds, Butterflies
E-mail ID: kasambe.raju at gmail dot com
Phone: +91-22-22821811



Marathi Books:
1. Bharatatil Sankatgrasta Pakshi (2004).
2. Maharashtratil Phulapakhare (aka Butterflies of Maharashtra) (2012).

English Books:
1. Indian Grey Hornbill (2011), Published by LAP, Germany.

Papers on butterflies:

1. Kasambe,R. & Wadatkar, J. S. (2004): Butterflies of Pohara Malkhed Reserve Forest,Amravati District (Maharashtra). Bugs R All. Vol. 7(2): 5-6.

2. Kasambe,R. & Wadatkar, J. (2008): Butterfly diversity in and around Nagpur withnotes on habitat preference and abundance. Indian Lepidoptera. Vol.7:3-8.

3. Wadatkar,J. & Kasambe, R. (2003): Butterflies of Amravati district. Melvyaghra:Quarterly Newsletter of Melghat Tiger Reserve. Vol. III. No. III. pp.14-15.

4. Wadatkar,J. S. & Kasambe, R. (2008): Butterflies of Melghat Tiger Reserve,Maharashtra with notes on their abundance, status and larval host plants. TheEcoscan. 2(2):165-171.


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